Thursday, September 30, 2004


changed mi skin todae. actually changed twice coz i found a better one, haha. but dis one abit too sweet fer mi hor? was late fer sch todae, got booked by prefect. after tat didn't go down fer PE, stayed in claz. Zhongwei, shueling & gadriel also didn't go down. suddenly it rained, so e whole claz came back again. and ms tan was like u didn't go fer PE! she asked us 2 look fer her on mon, tues, wed so she can punish us. haiz... had jap exam todae. the listening was crap! but i dink i can pass. on yeah on my way from sch 2 kallang mrt, saw dis act-seh guy hu wanted 2 look lyke ledon(i think). he was lyke soo many times fatter than ledon. NOT seh AT ALL!yuck!!!blehx! tml's english paper. STUDY!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


yepeee... haha, veri long neva update liao. y leh? dunno, lazy bah. todae my b'dae!!! but exams coming so neva do anything special. wanna go SSS again after recess. ppl are nervous becoz exam's coming. but super huanglin is super happy coz 2 more weeks to end of exam, end of lessons!!! haha... but still got study lah. oh yah my b'dae. before assembly at parade square, they were singing b'dae song fer mi, but veri AA leh... haha...stupid eunice neva come todae, bet she's at home sleeping. after sch, mi and XR were experimenting if we dun say hello to e ppl, will they say hello to us. realli nobody said hello. so dunmanians all veri leng3 dan4 oh...ppl treated us like invisible de lor. haiz... thanks to friendly ppl lyke XR and mi, the world hasn't change into a cold~ world, coz we say hi to everyone! yeah~~~ kkz, i'm being stupid. study now! yeah! got jap exam tml...

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Monday, September 20, 2004


haiz... nth much todae. besides e fact tat i got 2nd lowest in claz fer chinese test. WAH~~~ i thot i would fail but since i didn't so... still, got very bad, juz passed. 25/50. oh man! and before giving out e paper, jiang ling was lyke huanglin's result will shock all of u. and everyone thot i would be lyke getting quite high since she said tat. but... i'm not e last at least, tienleng behind me. and JL was lyke good results dun come from heaven... and was lyke ppl hu used to get quite ok got last... tat's y today, i veri guai. went straight home after sch, wanted to go home 2 study.and on my way home, stepped on e wet cement outside sch gate. i was lyke WAT?! i dun understand how i juz always make a fool out of myself. i tried to rubbed of e cement on grass. some stupid ppl was on e bus and was so irritating. lyke dey thot e bus belongs to dem. these ppl are difinitely not worth mentioning. and after watching showbiz, i fell asleep!!! OH~~~ kkz, keep telling myself tat i muz study!!! and omigod! i lost my bet to xingzhong and i hav to treat him to KFC. was actually marche but thankx to mi great debating skill, asked fer KFC instead... i gonna study fer GEOG!!! oh by e way, i was sent out of claz todae during geog JUZ because i didn't do tat ONE pathetic question. and i didn't even noe we were supposed to do. coz it was lyke i did all the other questions except tat one. life is unfair. god is soooo unfair. y can some ppl score much higher than mi when they are e ones hu doesn't take down notes in claz and e ones hu copy every single WS... can't imagine someone hu does all e work by herself and in turn get 2nd last fer chi... GOD IS UNFAIR!!! or DID I bring dis storm here?

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Saturday, September 18, 2004


wohooo! dis morning woke up at 7.30 fer jap oral. den went alllll e way 2 bishan. den fer e question-answer part, e teacher asked mi wat i normally do when i free. so i said watch tv lor. and den made up stories abt wat time e show starts, wat type of show. i was thinking since she's a jap, den she wun watch chi shows rite? muahaha. oral ended early, so mi and valerie went watch movie before going service. watched cinderalla story. sooooo sweet!!! and e guy is sooooooooo shuai!!! after tat went fer service, den to chung cheng fer e mid autumn festival thingy. tricked into going! wah~

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Friday, September 17, 2004


went fer SSS today. muahaha. so fun. after sch, me, xinrong, cheryl , eunice went to our secret spot. then screamed, tok... stayed dere until we dun wanna leave, but tat eunice forced us 2 leave leh. our SSS damn cool lor. can be interpreted as secret:
shouting/screaming/sharing/sleeping/slacking/singing... muahaha... a lot of things lah. tat means everytime when we sad, can go dere. muahaha... we shouted things lyke 'i hate dockay, hate dunman high...' yeah! felt relli gd after tat. den at night mi violin msged mi my exam result. waa... stupid sight-reading, pulled down mi everything! only juz passed, haiz... try harder next year ba...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


yoz! during recess, was drawing on the window planes. coz got 1 layer of dust, den can see clearly. was writing things lyke JJ rawks and susilo watever... CH went to erase my masterpeice, haiz... after sch, the plan was to sing. but den all of dem went home except me and xinrong. haiz. so we sat on top e lockers and sang. muahaha... darren told mi dere'll be a CS chalet. yeah! but den i broke liao. haha. hmm, den went fer cg and studied dere. juz realised crystal also dun lyke chocolate but lyke sour plum. haha, so lyke mi!

曲:玉城千春 中文詞:施人誠 編曲:鍾興民

在就要轉身前忽然又想起你 相遇的那一天漾著微笑的你 那個微笑 還是很美麗
可惜那個人常常要讓人哭泣 太耀眼的城市不適合看星星 就如同你的心不適合談安定
謝謝你讓我傷過心 學會愛情並非執迷 人改變不了改變不了的事情 記得要忘記
忘記 我提醒自己 你已經是 人海中的一個背影 長長時光 我應該要有
新的回憶 人無法決定會為誰動心 但至少可以決定放不放棄 我承認我 還是會
愛著你 但我將永不再觸碰這記憶 記得要忘記 忘記 經過我的你 畢竟只是
很偶然的那種相遇 不會不容易 我有一輩子 足夠用來忘記 我還有一輩子
可以用來努力 我一定會忘記你
listening 2 e song now, nice!
p.s to view, muz change encoding 2 unicode, haha.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


school again! urgggg... todae on my way to 3rd lan, used valerie's digi cam to make MV fer oursleves. mi e camerawoman and singer, vicki e main actress, valerie e main actor. then went up, down, up, down e escalator. like four times ba... muahaha. then e outcome not bad leh. ppl say quite good. hmm. got back jap test todae. wah!!! just informed tat jap exam got 24chaps. oh man... todae during break, vicki came to my class. then we took pictures of everyone. haha. me stressed ah. gastric jus now, headache now. haiz... haha. sch start liao, no time to come online le...

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Saturday, September 11, 2004


muahaha... went 2 dad's company's family dae. was @ fort canning. haha. kkz, was quite fun wif all e food. alot of game booths lah. and i went 2 try every single one. all dose tings fer kids, so obviously i won a lot of prizes. haha. then ate alot of tings also. wanna puke liao... watching channel u that idol show now. yeah, i support no.10, agnes. she's fantastic! yeah!!! muahaha... todae got alot of nice shows. got singaporean idol encore, channel u de idol show and channel 8 tat music awards. but i hate channel 8, so watch U lor. lame me...

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Thursday, September 09, 2004


watching singapore indol now... results for 3rd grp somehow unexpected. yep... but then realli inspired juz now... jerry from e 3rd grp got into e finals and said:" i realli wanna thank blah blah blah" and he mentioned "my lord and saviour, jesus christ." oh man, so inspiring to me!!! yeah, i'm gonna support jarry now. pastor jeff once mentioned before this athlete who won sth and gav glory to jesus and now, jerry also gave glory to HIM!!! wow! i was like wah~ haha...
For all honour and glory and power, belongs to HIM, belongs to HIM!-

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Feel tat my blog not full enough... so must add more. todae is my staying-at-home day. counted my savings, surprise to see 20 bucks. when i get to sch, will hav to tao3 zai4 from other ppl... so in total, i hav 40 bucks!!! so happy coz never had so much in my piggy bank. haha, juz now, xiaogur reminded mi to buy eunice & cheryl's prezzie. eunice de prezzie tuo veri long liao... at 1st wanted to make her a scrapbk of all the memeries, but then none of us got time to actually make. so tink buying ish e best ba... haha, but she so practical, doesn't lyke necklaces or those... so isn't gift vocher e best? i'm being lame... cheryl de veri easy lor...
haha... need to go help mi mum buy shampoo now... lolx

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


told my mum this morning i'll be going library... actually i was in the library fer not longer than 10min... juz went there to borrow bk fer her... after tat went PP to get janice's prezzie.cos finally got money liao... then arrive there, but dunno wat to buy... saw e 5566 piano score bk and piglet stool! then call anting and darren, but in e end still i make e choice... muahaha...
becoz need to buy prezzie, i was late fer CG. CG supposedly to be at sunny's house... but i forgot to bring e keys, so in the end ended up in the chapel AGAIN!!! nobad for such a short cg... we acted out this mini skit of beggars. yuqian christmin anita as beggars... then me, ada, charlotte as bad guys. then lestari as samaritan woman... xiaoen as reporter... lame skit lah, somehow...
Xiaoen can't ok properly coz she has an ulcer... me and justina kept inmitating her... lolx

everybody's b'dae coming... i broke liao lah

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


my first blog!!! actually not e 1st lah... deleted e previous one i made yesterdae... muahaha... testing onli...

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i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

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i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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