Sunday, October 31, 2004


i feel bad and tired and negative. argggg

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Friday, October 29, 2004


2dae is a dae of memory. last dae of twee'04. so sad. after being 2gether fer 2 yrs, now we hav 2 say goodbye. dis morning was still deciding on whether i shd take geog or hist. i dun wanna be in _____'s class. i noe i'll becum a mute if i do so. but still decided 2 choose hist, juz make sure i dun sit wiv her jiu ok liao. after recess sat wiv xingrong, cherly, chinyee, chip. we sang songs. wanted 2 evoke our emotions. but we didn't cry until when we sang xiao wei. XR started crying and soon all of us were crying. xiao wei brought back lots of memories. rmb xingzhong and chaihong and... sang tat during music. haha. at one pt of time we were both laughing and crying. oh~~~after spring cleaning, sat down again. sang songs and CY practically cried at every song. haha.
i lurve twee, twee lurves me,
we're happy family
wiv a great big heart and a kiss from mi 2 u
wun u say twee lurves me too (barney's song)
next is e hugging n everything liao. was actually kinda 'controlled myself' liao, but when i hugged cheryl, started crying again. next hugged XR, cry even more.
after sch went ECP. wanted 2 skate and cycle and everything but it was raining. so ended up drenched and had 2 go bowling. quite fun and everyone seemed 2 be broke. CY and i kept gupping ppl's food. muahaha
twee'04 is now history, but still a memory.
rmb e times when we got so lame and chased teachers out.
rmb e times when we played cball in e rain.
rmb e times when we were labelled e noisiest class
rmb e times when we go woo~~~ zhong wei
rmb e times when we didn't think we'll be getting a prize but got one!!!

twee'04 forever!!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


dumb day. so____. arggggg
eunice overslept so she didn't came. i was late 2dae. aw...booked by prefect. haiz. suddenly realised more ppl wearing tie now. haha. xr and cy started a petition fer triple science+geog+lit elective. and quite a lot of ppl signed it. i'm sooo sian... ate 2 bowls of noodles during recess. could hav eaten more but wanna save money. guava during maths and science thingy. 2 packets of fries at mac. toriQ at bugis. dinner at home. still can eat!!

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Monday, October 25, 2004


nonono, u can't blog tat, u'll her her feelings. (wateva, du i even care?)

sum sucky ppl was being herself 2dae AGAIN. so wat if she has a maid? not everyone is her maid rite? she's so bossy. i wanna give her a word of advice, pls go kill urself if not i gonna get u. i'm sooooo not interested in wateva things u organise. n u say: oh no, my results (---censored---)... wateva

here's fer another gurl. we all noe u're rich. we all noe u lurve hanging out wiv guys. we all noe u wanna prove 2 e guys tat u're rich. so??? izzit my prob??? u r soooooooo kind. lurve 2 treat us rite??? or do u onli wanna please e guys. now i noe we r juz e antagonists. nonono, y r u treating us soooo well??? juz go please all ur boyfrens lah!

wall has ears. shnt say so much. i doubt u will hav e cheek 2 show off after reading dis. 5 more days. shdn't say too evil things abt u.

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oh oh can't blog too much. wall has ears. oh~~~ went PP 2dae, fun! tat's all...

2dae tat ___ came and i was lyke so___. after tat went ____... muahaha... so ______ lor...

sum _____ person so ____ lor. fer nth wanna _____ everyone's results. wat is _____ trying 2 show. tat's she is ____??? so wat, as if i can. u_____ lah!

okok i'm sooo broke! unlike ____ lah. so rich!!! bugging ppl 2 go____ lor. she veri pro meh??? so ____ and ___. dis type of ppl can 4get abt being___.


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Sunday, October 24, 2004


ohoh... dis is oxygen!!!

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Saturday, October 23, 2004


changed my skin!!! nice anot? nice anot?
yesterday was flooding friendster testi wiv XR . ... and becoz of tat, i lost alllllllllllll my testi!!! me wanna cry ah!!! every single one of them GONE!!! i so sad!!! woke up 7+++ dis morning 2 change mi blogskin.

oh when's my testi coming back???

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Friday, October 22, 2004


oh... got back all e papers 2dae. i did quite well actually... muahaha... 2dae kinda sian after getting back chi. and everyone was lyke looking fer teachers n all tat. so i used rubber band n shoot ppl. i was standing behind lu han ling, i shot n e rubber band hit his butt. got sound summore. he turned back n asked mi y i shot him, n i was lyke i didnt mean 2 do it. actually i did it on purpose, even aimed at him. muahaha... got CCA after sch tat's y couldn't go bowling. was noticed tat i need 2 make presents fer cniors. i was lyke wat?! i can barely pass my art. CCA was quite ok. tat's all. boring day.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004


whee!!! 2dae was sooooo fun. 1st ok abt sch... got back english, sci, maths. actually i did kinda OK... but 2 good, not 2 lan4. juz average lah... dun tok abt it... i'm not lyke SUMBODY wanna go around showing off marks. shouting across marks. but not surprising lah. used 2 it liao, oso not 1st time. not marks den show off money. do i even care???
nvm, dun tok abt it. went fer SSS after tat. played truth or dare. wah~~~ we were so engrossed!!! a dog came over and scared all of us except XR... shared alot of things... we from dunno wat 2 ask developed to ask until dun wanna leave. i was sooo suai!!!! ended up wiv 2 dares. omigod, dey realli give embarassing things fer me 2 do... when we were abt 2 leave, saw a little girl hu was taking pictures. it was her birthday!!! so we out of a sudden and out of good mood oso lah, sang birthday song fer her... haha, her mum even took a picture of us... juz can't reveal how fun it was....
tmr getting back lit, chi, he, geog. try not 2 tink abt it bahhhhh...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


today was so~ fun. first, interclaz. our claz got 4th. in e game against 2H, everyone was playing crap. even ppl lyke xingzhong and calvin were sent up. we were so crap until TTG came 2 scold us. well done 2E!!! after tat we went 2 cheer fer 2G against 2I. of course support 2G lah. hello!!! 2I was e ____ class tat we lost to. joy said tat we (2E) can combine wiv them (2G) to form 2tweegee. muahaha... so it's another TTG---> TWO TWEE GEE!!! muahaha... after tat was prize-giving. we cheered fer 2G again. and played a little trick on jastine. coz he said our banner was ugly, tat's y when he went up, we didn't cheer. as in we cheered fer everyone else except him... quite bad but he kinda deserved it.
after match went KFC. i realli realli truly believe now tat KATHERINE is soooooooooo violent. i was lyke hey kat, i wanna shake ur hand 2 congratulate u. and she squeezed my hand until in cracked. oh my!!! after tat before i was abt 2 leave, both of us were at e drink machine. and sumhow we end up 'rubbing' soft drinks on each other's elbows. muahaha... pinrui came up wiv a new phrase--->zaihong(chaihong)... muahaha... n they were lyke huanglin, how cum 2dae neva zaihong huh??? muahaha...
next went bowling but i onli had 5cents wiv me... how 2 bowl... sat dere 2 watch e others. but not alone lah... louis, pinrui, shannon oso didn't play. we were @ downtown east mah... then took lots of photos. haha...
didn't wanna go home too early, actually not earlly, already 6+++ liao. but didn't feel lyke going home. so went play LAN wiv xiaogur, wenwen and 2 more. me 1st time play leh!!! actually XR played. me and ww juz watched her. but tstill played afew times. whenever we killed ppl, we got so excited and CHEER!!!! so loud! until e boss switched off our monitor. told us 2 be quiet... ok, thankx alot bossT_T
after tat went home lor. wanted 2 catched ren wo ao you. left e plc @ 830. reached home at 903... muahaha... but 1st episode was crap! dun even hav toro. and i was lyke so excited and anxious 2 see. yuck!!! had 2 see tat fiona act cute!!! gross!!!
tat's all fer my day!!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


oh my god! i was abt to publish post juz now until my com suddenly hanged. sad~ i hate my com!!! it's always i'm gonna tell e story again. my claz got in semifinals fer soccer. we beat 2B and YEAH~~~ dis is sooooo rare!!! coz we seldom win anything but now... muahaha... i'm gonna support e guys again tml... yeah~~~ i've been lyke wearing e same shirt 2 sch fer 3 consecutive days. and tml i'm depending on XR to wake me up and help me to be punctual. went fer 3rd lan in e afternoon. cooking claz. me, janice, valerie in one grp. had fun. had food. nice~~~made jap. pizza... i tink it's called tat. mama mia~~~ watched extreme gourmet juz now. omigod tat was gross coz e ppl were all eating things lyke bull's eye, bull's penis, bull's testicles. yuck!!! but wanna try bull's eyes. muahaha... seems juicy. haha...

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Monday, October 18, 2004


oh yeah~~~~ thank u chip fer treating me to seoul garden!!! muackz! but why she so selfish leh, onli give us 100 bucks fer 11 ppl. shd add another 10 bucks rite??? i was soooooooooooo full. now i noe i hav straight intestine. watever i eat comes out within an hour. i sat wiv aXtra, Eunice and Xiaoxian. all of us hav BIG appetite. so we were lyke eating non-stop. eunice kept eating e wateva shellfish u call it. we were kinda having a com between e other 2 tables ger hu can eat more, i mean to e last second. of course us lah. we were so full tat i couln't hook our skirt up. can onli adjust it by e zip... muahaha... i was really very very full. saw 2G ppl at bugis also... erm... hmm... oh i gorgot 2 mention tat ut's interclaz today. vball was a disaster but at least we tried. soccer was gd. nil-nil for both against 2G and 2A. we are gd!!! yeah! going tmr to support them!!! we shall win!!! muahaha...

both me and XR desperately looking fer jobs. we msged practically every1 in our list asking them for jobs... muahaha... yeah yeah...


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Sunday, October 17, 2004


BOO! stayed at home e whole day today. no choice, no where to go. muz save up energy fer tmr. i'm already in hol mood. hmmm.... time to celebrate!

but first muz plan out where to go


  • interclaz!!!
  • seoul gardens!!!


  • 3rd lang
  • sakae


  • iceskating/bowling/shopping
  • caregroup

actually dun really hav a lot of activities. but i wanna go kbox!!!


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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Hey Jude

Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart, Then you can start to make it better. Hey Jude, don't be afraid. You were made to go out and get her. The minute you let her under your skin, Then you begin to make it better. And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain, Don't carry the world upon your shoulders. For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool By making his world a little colder. Hey Jude, don't let me down. You have found her, now go and get her. Remember to let her into your heart, Then you can start to make it better. So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin, You're waiting for someone to perform with. And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do, The movement you need is on your shoulder. Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her under your skin, Then you'll begin to make it Better better better better better better, oh. Da da da da da da, da da da, hey Jude...

lalala~ so wat, i juz lyke dis song. hu cares if it's from beatles, i still lyke it

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arggggggggg! dun come near mi! have been feeling agitated lately, even though i noe e reason why? haiz... life's tough(crowd says: yup, totally agree) argggggggg!

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Friday, October 15, 2004


boo~ exams over~~~ lalala, bought my fav(times10) converse shoes. i'm so happy, i'm so glad, tat i hav u~~~ lalala. from bugis, walked to suntec, from suntec to orchard. took neoprint twice. bought a nail buffer tat can make my nails shine! really works man! now my nails look as if they hav been coated wiv nail polish! yeah. hav been filing e whole day! or ya, i lurve my shoes~~~ pink colour, very sweet~~~ SWEET!!!! i'm crazy. watching sing idol results show now. i noe slyvester will get in. how i wis jerry can be out, but still tink christopher will be out. :p

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Thursday, October 14, 2004


wuhu~~~ end of exams! kkz, today after chi, felt lyke after whole exam period even though tml still got HE. but hu cares. after exams, wanted to sakae, but in e end ended up in pastamania. so we were all taught by eunice e proper way of eating pasta. dumb! took neoprints 4 times! den shop shop shop. later me, xr, eunice and wenqian went TM mac to discuss lots of things. muahaha... i laugh till i had stomach ache. tml going shopping agian. YESH! i'm gonna get e converse shoes, yesh i will!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


omigod! science is over! chi next, but my china so powderful hor? went online todae, saw so many ppl opening account jerry. ANTI_JERRY!!! but not suprising lah, he's so spiritual, but no talent. tml can watch SI, bet alot of ppl will be lyke booing him... yes yes, boo him!
lalala~ i'm going sakae tml!!! yesh! tml going SSS, den sakae~~~ lalala~~~ i'll eat till i'm too full to walk! i lurve buffets~~~ study hard fer one last paper, and i can play! but dis exam, tink i did badly. but everyone did quite lan, so if i'm lan, means i'm normal~~~

Always look on e bright side of life~~~

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Sunday, October 10, 2004


todae is another day of studying studying studying. nowadays i've been lyke flooding ppl's testi lyke crazy.

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Saturday, October 09, 2004


didn't go fer service todae. wasn't realli feeling well. my dad read e newspaper and asked mi to transfer to nanyang girls' next year. coz it's affliated to hwa chong rite? my dream!!! he asked mi to go apply nygh de bicultural thingy, it's still open. i was lyke i dun wan. so argued and everything. but hwa chong is my dream!!! after much consideration, told him i'll go try. whether i will be accepted also dunno. but i tink nygh has good business mind. the entrance exam is $200!!! so expensive. den wat if i can't get in? coz dey want eoye results. but i tink i did badly, as in not as smooth as i had expected it to be. i wanna go hwa chong but also dun wanna leave dhs. wa~~~ i gonna study. STUDY! muz buck up on my chinese cos i tink i flunked my chi paper 1.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004


studied all day today. had chi paper 1. think i did it really badly. haiz... so muz depend on my goeg now! studied geog e moment i reached home. studied fer 1hr, then lunch, then studied again. break. after break studied again! urgh... i pray tat god'll help mi in my geog! plz GOD!!!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


boo! veri long neva update liao. coz exams mah, so wanna study hard. after exams den can play lyke crazy. i realli studied alot todae. study so much til i'm so giddy now. was punished officially by tan bh today. asked mi to run 4 rounds aroung soccer field and bball court. thought i could slack and waled all e way, but she was dere to monitor!!! ah!!! and she said i hav to go look fer her again after home econs paper. that's when everyone go out and play, i hav to stay in sch to run. haiz. after sch, mi, wenwen, xinrong, chheryl walked to 30 bus stop. wanted 2 take 30 home but den 158 came 1st, so took 158. oh my way, so gibson. haha, i was lyke oh no! then quickly moved to the end of the bus. no choice mah, so long neva see each other liao.anyway it's all over now, so nothing to say le. budden still veri awkward, so juz pretend neva see him ba. hmm, studying more important now. tml's chinese, but not scared lah.


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Saturday, October 02, 2004


went fer service todae. ok, quite ministered. hmm, todae's sermon was abt taking detour. yeah! learnt tat god's always wiv mi. sand so close todae. realli lurve the phrase: all the time u were beside mi, even when i couldn't tell. thru e yrs, u showed mi more of u, more of u~~~ haha, so touching. then we kinda celebrated yuqian's b'dae. went home quite early todae. so i shd study now!!! STUDY!

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Friday, October 01, 2004


had english exam today. not TAT difficult. quite easy. but shounldn't be so complacent so early. went home immediately after exam, to sleep. kinda tired todae. after exams, was planning 2 go toilet. went there to find toilet cleaning in progress. someone was in the teacher's toilet. wanted to go in, until i found out tat 2h de joseph was inside. fangming wanted to go in also. but after tat, none of us wanted to go in. XR and cheryl and chip and chinyee kept saying wat's moi problem abt not using e toilet after a guy has used it. they were lyke, you dun share a toilet wiv ur dad? hello~ is joseph my dad? haha. crapped alot todae. wanna study now.

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i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

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i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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