Monday, November 29, 2004


oh~~~ i juz went 2 cut my hair 2dae. cut as far east. shop name: supercuts. spent 23 bucks. e shop sounds familar rite? erm... still ok lah. not tat ex. but i still feel like going icon, but dere 33 bucks lor. haha. maybe next time ba. i finally got fringe. haha. cover my wide forehead. haha. xr, chip went wiv me.
my flu is still not getting btr. haiz. i'm having blocked nose now.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004


oh i was reading new paper juz now. featured taufik& his ex-. haha. taufik sooooooooo romantic lor. he told e girl if she wanna go spy on couples 2gether at dunno where. den, he sang n'sync's girlfriend for him. haha. soooooooooo romantic. i tink e 2 of them soooooo pei lor. but e girl asked for a break-up. haha. they still gd frens la.
but basically tat's none of my business.
i lurve e maggie whipped potato machine at my hse 7-11. haha. i was eating whipped potato juz now. haha. so yummy~~~ n my hse de machine giv a lOt~~~ of potato&gravy. yeah!!!

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Saturday, November 27, 2004


went for service 2dae. watching SI encore telecast. haha. shan't blog much.

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Friday, November 26, 2004


nth happened. i'm ill now. so i shd be resting. hmm...

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Thursday, November 25, 2004


omgomg!!! wyy is over. tiring but fun. shan't tok abt it. i shan't tok abt my work 2dae. i feel so disgusted. ya... Disgusted!!!
i wanna lurve my neighbour as myself. i really wanna do tat. i wanna care for others lyke jesus cares for me. i really wan! but i cant seem 2 do it. becoz dere's u in my pathetic life.
i dun understand u. i dun enjoy being wiv u. i start 2 hate things around u becoz of u.
y r u different from me? y u so kiasu, kiaci, n kia-everything?
i've said dis a million times, y r u always apologising? y cant u be lyke every1 else. maybe tat's ur 'attitude'. watever. i shan't comment
i hate class lessons coz dere's u. i seem 2 long for recess n CCA, all thanks 2 u. i'm falling asleep in class everyday coz dere's u. i cant seem 2 be excited 2 be in my new class coz dere's u. i wanted 2 cry when u said u oso wanna take history, coz dere's u.
i get pissed off by u. really, i do. even though u're doing nth but tat's e reason i'm so pissed off.

i lurve chip coz at least she understands how it feels 2 sit _____ her in class. thanks chip.


p.s. i dun even tink u'll read dis. i doubt u noe how 2 use e com

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1) huanglin shall not be late ever again
2) if she's late, refer 2 rule no.1

haha. i rushing now. going 2 work later. i shall blog later ba

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


oh hahaha. went for CS camp 2dae AGAIN! haha. 2dae's e 2nd day. i left sch at 0930. had 2 go for interview for SAP scholarship thingy. haha. i tink i did pretty ok. as in at least i managed 2 answer all e qns. haha. dun tok abt it le. it's over anyway. after tat i went back for CCA. haha. reached sch kinda early. haha. immediately we played a dunno-wat game. we had 2 build a stand. haha. so we used human power. i stood on 2 person's legs. haha. in e end our grp won!!! haha. oh ya. i need 2 tok abt sth. thank u darren, yanyu, yuan, fengyi, janice for cheering for me. but i tink u all shld change e lyrics of e cheer. not suitable leh. shldn't it be: weikang~~~ anting, anting, anting. Anting~~~weikang, weikang, weikang. more suitable rite?
( anting&weikang: yaya. u got a gd idea!)
(janice, yuan, fengyi: yaya, let's do it tmr!)
haha. thanks guys for ur support. haha.
i seriously gotta find a song for tmr. jingjing's not here. so i hav 2 sing deut wiv chinyang. oh y isn't jingjing here. we practised so hard u noe? i wanna cry. seriously. badly. i'll hav 2 sing wiv chinyang. n we haven't even decided on a song. the com is tmr!!! ah!!! i'm under huge pressure. dere's still e cai hua heng yi script waiting for me. ahaha.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004


hehe! i went for SI finalists' autograph session 2dae! omgomg! hahaz. actually i oso not their crazy fan. juz go see see lor. oso wanna ask sly y he havent sent e pic 2 me. woke up veryvery early. went over 2 joy's hse, 2 take digi cam. den go yuqian's hse, oso 2 take digi cam. den went 2 meet aXtRa, shannon, louis. hahaz. sorry i was late. i was so dumb. i msged aXtRa ask her dun be late, budden i end up being late. we travelled 2 bishan. already 1pm le. suppose 2 start at 2 de. okok, i totally feel weird coz we went dere so late. i mean i used to q-up 8hrs. haha, tat's my record. hehe. even though we'were late, not many ppl were dere. we joined in e queue. haha. i went walk around 2 see if got frens in front anot. saw meiying. she was in front. after a while, saw e our sch prefect. den saw milan&mala!!! i totally hate ppl hu act lyke sly. i saw dis guy hu dresses lyke sly, smiles lyke sly. so gross man. daniel ong e DJ arrived 1st, he sumhow warm up e atmosphere. but he's full of crap kkz. tok so much lor. i was not even excited to get e autograph, at least my heart wasn't pounding. haha. den sly & taufik arrived. ppl were shouting lyke crazy. i screamed oso. haha. dere's dis girl hu practically screamed her lungs out but sly didnt even look at her. poor thing. tat's how it's lyke when u support an idol. u spend so much time n money, but they dun even noe u exist. haiz. they chose ppl up 2 play some boring games, gave out prizes n finals tickets. of coz i didnt get it. haha.
finally e autograph session started. meanwhile, e four of us were crapping abt how they will shake our hands. haha. i guess we were e only talkative ones there. ppl behind us were oso laughing at our 'jokes'. haha. finally my turn!!! ohoh. it's go up 5 at a time mah. i wasn't able to be in e same grp as aXtRa, shannon, louis. haha. i was in e grp before them. so i went up. taufik gave me his autograph first but i didnt tok 2 him. haha aXtRa asked taufik for a hug. n she got it!!! omg! haha. i went over 2 sly. while sly was signing i told him:" i saw u at suntec tat day!" so he looked up. haha. i was lyke can i hv a hug? haha. but e stupid security was lyke:" nono, no hug." wat e! e security kept pushing me lor. he's lyke chasing me 2 go. hello??? sly looked up ok? he was abt 2 hug le lah! budden he heard e securityy lyke chasing me away. haiz. so in e end i didnt get a hug lah. budden sly took my hand n gave me a handshake. haha. i so lucky lor... haha. he shoke my hand leh. his handshake was firmer than e previous time when i met him at suntec. thanks sly! but e stupid security kept pushing me. fine! i left e stage. oh~ louis took a sly postcard. i wanted 2 take oso coz there's a layer at e table but i didnt noe can take anot. haha. i begged him 2 give me lor. n he gave it 2 me. thanks louis!
actually i'm not a crazy fan of sly, u noe. i dun really vote for him. at e most once a week. i dun drool over him. i dun keep tinking abt him. i tink he looked tired 2dae. he looked better when i met him at suntec. hmm...

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Friday, November 19, 2004


i left my phone at home 2dae. couldnt contact yuqian so didnt go for cg. went 2 sch for wen yi ying meeting again! dis time, we basically did our poster all tat. erm... jingjing & i were singing lyke crazy coz we gonna participate in k-ok com!!!we stayed in sch until 2+++. but still didnt noe wat songs 2 sing~ we stayed in sch to sing. but counldn't tink of any song for our com. jingjing said, y not we go k-box. & i was lyke yaya. i wanna go! so we went dere. sang every she song. haha. decided on belief. ok, we were supposed 2 leave at 7. but we sumhow dragged til 7:40. had 2 rush home 4 s'pore idol after tat. haha. sly didnt do well. i'm not gonna vote for him coz he didnt send me e pics. but i dun wan taufik 2 win oso. i juz dun lyke him. olinda's gd, but she's abit fat. but sly didnt send me e pic, if not i'll vote for him.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


i havent been blogging for almost a wk. hehe, chalet was over on wed. quite fun, n i only slept for lyke 2 hrs. can't believe i actually survived. i almost forgot wat we did, but anyway it was fulfilling.
1st day
1st thing we did was jump on e bed! n 'bump' e bed collapsed. haha. but i didnt do it alone la, a few of us did tat. i'm not tat heavy leh. e huever came 2 repair e bed while e girls went out 2 play. xr, chinyee, chip, eunice, wenqian, i went 2 fly kite. we bought 1 at 2 bucks but couldnt fly it. haha. no wind. den we went for dinner! after tat was arcade time. played parapara n-times. haha. uncountable. there's dis guy hu was sprt of pro but big deal. i' pro oso. oh ya, e guys played para para oso. pinrui was using his legs. haha. after tat went back 2 chalet. there's dis weird guy hu kept on pestering tienleng. he didnt even wanna leave. even followed tienleng on his way back. btw, tienleng was alone mah, he cycled back while we all took shuttle bus.
went back 2 watch e champion 2gether. after tat we shared abt stuffs abt teachers, told ghost stories, r-rated jokes. pinrui has a lot of them leh. didnt sleep. ppl lyke me, xr, shannon, ryan, louis, sihui, olivia played murderer&detective. haha. played for many many hours. haha. oh, xingzhong was a great gambler. heard he won 2o+++ in 1 night.
2nd day
had breakfast at mac. boys went 2 play LAN, gurls go arcade again. oh ya, a few of us went back 2 e chalet 2 rest for a while. played blackjack with zhongwei. he was e banker & he kept losing money. haha. i won a few bucks. after tat, set off for arcade. me & XR shared a machine. played lyke crazy. we were sumhow acting pro. haha. made us look lyke real pros. met e guys at whitesands. went 2 buy things for BBQ. haha. played blckjack wiv xingzhong. he's e banker. ok, i do admit he's pro. he won lyke 3 bucks in a few rounds. omg. then chryl came. she's our lady luck leh. helped us win money. haha. i won lyke 2 bucks oso. thanks cheryl!
i played concentration wiv XR, chip, ryan, shannon, pinrui, louis, chaihong. chip kept losing so we targeted her. in e end she had 2 do a dare. gave her 3 options & she chose e one which she had 2 go ex2F's chalet & ask e ppl whether she's cute. haha. den got 1 girl said i tink u not cute, u very ugly. & we were all lyke laughing. after tat BBQ~~~ i tink i ate quite alot. oh ya, while we were eating, e guys kai-ed xingzhong. haha. he was struggling lyke crazy. kept kicking. haha. i didnt noe guys played such 'games'. den we sat down 2 watch e champion fianl episode. dey almost wanted 2 kai-ed shannon oso. haha. but he not tat stupid lah.
later went bowling e first game i very lan leh. but 2nd game. me, XR, xingzhoong, chin, shannon played. i was e first leh!!! thanks 2 xr for her tips. thanks 2 xingzhong for teaching XR so XR can teach me. haha.
wen tback play heart attack. crazy game. haha. anyway, i was too tired so fell asleep. oh ya, we all tokked abit oso. haha

3rd day
nothing much.packed up & said byebye. haha

i cant really rmb e details of chalet. short memory

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Sunday, November 14, 2004


sly signed dis for me!

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~*my day wiv sly*~

i hv a whole lot of things 2 blog abt 2dae. 1st i went swimming at 10am. woke up at 7 lor.haha. sounds boring rite? wait till i tell u e rest of my day. haha.
i went suntec 2dae n guess hu i saw. it's sylvester!!! me n xinrong were discussing abt class chalet when i saw sum1 hu looks lyke him. so i asked xinrong:'is tat sylvester?' we were outside topshop. we walked 2 him n stared at him. he stared back oso. after tat, we asked for his autograph. we didnt hv paper wiv us so used a very tattered n torn piece. he signed for me.
he wrote:
To: huanglin!
Rock ur body with SLY! n he signed off.
his handwriting was nice n neat for a guy. he initiated a conversation. asked us wat we doing at suntec. we said going guitar shop. he asked if we play guitar n we were lyke still learning.he introduced us 2 his sister & said she cum out wiv him, she feels paiseh.he told us he's at suntec for e motor show. haha. he said bye& smiled sweetly. he showed us e 'i love u' sign n winked. haha
i called jan n yuan 2 tell them abt e thing. but janice neva pick up her phone lor. yuan was lyke omg! haha. being a very very very gd fren, i decided 2 help yuan n jan take sly's autograph oso. but tat was lyke 5min later. so me n XR went all over suntec looking for him. walked to basement then to rooftop. haha. very tiring leh. when we were abt to give up n go, he passed bu e exhibition halls. n xr saw dis motor show poster. so we went up! but when we reach dere, realised 1 ticket $10!!! how??? we didnt hav tat much money wiv us. we took a lift from 3 storey 2 4th storey. but realised e lift dere oso being blocked. but thanks to my great intelligence, i came up wiv an idea of climbing e stairs 2 see if we can get in. so we from 3rd storey climb 2 4th. n we open e door n we were in!!! so we sneaked in without paying, haha so we ran into e exhibition hall n we were so lucky. coz e moment we got in, SLY was standing in front of us. he was in front of me but i asked where??? haha couldnt see him. we were soooo lucky. he saw us n smiled so sweetly. haha. we asked him 2 help us sign again. so he did. he signed for yuan and jan. haha yuan n jan, u noe i charge money de. he did sign. xr was apologising 2 him for being such a nuisance as in we asked him 2 help us sign AGAIN! but he said it's ok. so polite hor? haha after tat, smart Xr asked him if he has a camera phone 2 take a pic for us n he was lyke ya i hav. but he asked his sis to use her phone help us take pic. i was standing beside him n XR beside me.
so it's like:
haha. n he put his arm around my shoulder when taking pic. haha. haha. he promised 2 try 2 send 2 us. so i gave him my email n he stored it in his phone.
after tat, we shoke hands. haha. his hand very soft lor. n his handshake so gentle de.before levaing he patted me on my back n said thank u. haha. well i was lucky 2 be standing beside him.
tink he more shuai than in tv leh. n i didnt noe so many ppl like him de. haha, sorry didnt noe. if not could hav goten his autograph for u. haha. oh ya, his memory not bad leh. can rmb our faces when we first saw him. coz he said hi when we saw him again. haha. but noe rite, i only tink he's cute but not his ardent fan lah. haha

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Friday, November 12, 2004


oh. went orchard 2dae. supposedly 2 work but end up shopping. haha i bought a denim skirt and a belt. veryveryvery nice. hehe. sat near somerset mrt 2 eat maggie mee. tok abt a lot of things iwv axtra. hmm... iris told me on msn todae tat sly has got e lowest no of votes. so i hepled her msged everyone 2 vote. haha. actually i oso not super supporter of sly but juz wanna kick of stupid daphne. she Can't sing wiv a capital C. can say i oso lyke helping her. haha. she told me she got info from mediacorp tat sly got lowest no of votes.
small small world. coz last nite while watching SI, i saw ameleena on TV being interviewed. she's my pri sch classmate. lucky girl. coz her father works at mediacorp as a director or sth. n she told me stories before of how her dad met jackey chang n westlife. ameleena was lyke i lyke taufik coz he can sing. muahaha.

tat's all, let's all pray sly wun be kicked out.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004


oh changed my skin. nice? muz give comments leh. went swimming 2dae at lestari's hse. i havent gona swimming for 1 yr plus. haha. fun but tiring. tat's all. give comments leh.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


haha. went 2 sch for cca 2dae. not exactly cca but my wen yi ying grp meeting. quite successful. haha. after tat went working. waited for xinrong at kallang mrt. met louis. haha. of coz we go 2gether lor. xinrong was soooo late, as usual. waited for her for more than 30 min lor. ate maggie mee at kallang mrt. haha quite got e atmosphere. later me xr louis went orchard. sold tickets. sell sell sell, suddenly it rained. haha. so we went into heeren 2 shop. went hmv listen song. haha. sell again. got tips summore. thanks to one guy. gave me 10 bucks. supposed to giv him 8 bucks back de. but den i was lyke searching for so long. haha. so he said forget it, juz treat as tips. i was lyke oh thanks. but i forgot 2 giv him e tickets!!! so another 2 bucks for me from him. thank you for giving me 3 bucks. haha. but i not cheating his $ or wat leh, realli i 4got 2 give him lor. besides him, got another man oso said no need change le. haha. ppl so rich ah, giving $ everywhere? yesterday got a guy said sorry i dun hav $2, but i hav 50cents. so he gave me e 50cents, ask me to accumulate. haha. funny~~~ at seven, i went for training, wiv xr. we had difficulty finding e plc, e street kinda ulu. haha. when we finally found it, got in, another ulu rm. but got quite alot of ppl lah. training ended at 8+++. went home after tat. haha

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Sunday, November 07, 2004


went expo juz now. i dint wanna go but my parents dragged me along. i was sooooo not feeling well. wanted 2 faint ah. Xinrong msged me, told mi my class very not enthu. so i went home 2 check. oh no!!!! y am i still in e same class as her and her??? they are so not enthu!!! oh no!!!

ppl in my class:

Jiang Yu Han
Tan Shi Ya
Wong Wen Jian

i dun wanna be in B Block!!!

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Saturday, November 06, 2004


went for service 2dae. but didn't go for prayer meet. could hav been there for prayer meet but i left my specs at home. i was thinking without my specs i can't even see anything!!! so went home and take. but still was on time for service lah. too long neva go liao, didn't realise eastb change seats liao!!! move 2 e front. not bad. service was ok. after service went to e dunno where fer dinner. e aircon was sooo strong. plus i was eating ice kachang. so cold~~~
after dinner, meeting. after meeting, met yuqian. den went home wiv qilin and joycelyn. joycelyn reminded us tat ____'s bdae's cuming. muahaha. i was telling qilin my superb idea. haha. at least i tink it's gd.
i commit myself in e 21 days cuming up.
  • prayer n intercession from 10-1030am everyday
  • studying e word from 10-11pm
  • daniel fast from comics!!! i shall NOT read comics!!! i shall not go apply for membership card at my house de comic shop!!!

oh wat is e last one?? can't rmb. nvm.

i wanna do my best for god again. i wanna be more obedient, more accountable, more focused!!!

but 1st, i wanna do quiet time. haha.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


wet 2 work 2dae. my job id to sell wateva tickets 2 charity. went wiv axtra. veri veri tiring. i was repeating myself fer dunno how many times. "hi sir, would u lyke to buy a ticket to help e needy children?" i felt lyke a robot leh. found tat job on newspaper. dey gave me 4 booklets 2 finish in 2 weeks. 1 booklet has 50 tickets. 20% commision from it. meaning i get $20....

oh~ when am i going 2 get a call from nygh?

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004



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Monday, November 01, 2004


oh i'm finally blogging. went nanyang 2dae. sch is big and everything but food in tiny portion. after tat, went into hwa chong fer lunch. food dere served in large portion. ate chicken rice. hmm~~~muahaha... tat's all

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i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

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i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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