Tuesday, January 25, 2005


hahaha. my class rox leh. haha. coz we all get so united when it cums to certain things. like 2dae. den e whole class will join in. haha. so funny. anyway had 4 free periods today. haha. for history students only. my class geog ppl only 2 periods haha.
i realised helmi has dis thing against me. humiliated me in front of e whole class. argggg... if he continues it, i shall give him all e crappy ans from 2dae onwards. anyway it's a long story. but e reason is mainly becoz he heard me bad-mouthing him. haha. i was saying tat he's so slack, cannot teach. blah blah blah. but i said it in chinese! dint noe he understands chinese. haha

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Monday, January 24, 2005


haiz. hw cum no one tinks e video is funny. hmm, izzit becoz u all neva watch e real version b/f. haha.
haha. anyway stayed back after sch for a crappy class meeting. haha. after that went old airport rd wiv anting yokesan darren. eat eat eat. i got tricked by them. argggg.... coz we were lyke lets leave, so i got up walked in front. den e 3 of them walked in another direction. haha. den i turned back, seeing no one following me. argggggg...
after tat i went pp for violin. haha. my tcher is a 100% nice guy. coz he treated me to mac!!! haha. he asked me help him buy big n tasty meal. n asked me to take e fries coz he doesnt wan it. he oso asked me to get a drink for myself. haha. so nice!!! so i tried e twisted fries. yuck! i wanted to puke lor. coz it's too gross. i'll neva try it again!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


hey everyone. e vidoe below is a funny version of shou qian shou. haha. it's funny to me. haha. the singing part is original, but e ppl acting are all fake. haha

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Thursday, January 20, 2005


once again U made me so pissed off. ah!!!!!! i spent $6 2dae on mini toons gummy. haha. coz too angry le, needed sth to chew on. so i was chewing like crazy during jap. how funny.

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Monday, January 17, 2005


i wanted to vent my anger but decided against it. anyway, u owe me an apology. n i'm 100% sure u dun noe it. but if u juz happen to noe tat it's u, better cum to me tml n apologise.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005


yeah!!!! stayed at hm e whole day 2dae trying 2 finish my HW. haha. got quite alot. hmm... oh i found dis super-duper gd website whr u cn download practically every chi song available in e market. haha. shall share wiv every1 here. haha.
haha. if u all dunno hw to use, tag n i'll teach u. haha. personally i tink it's better than ares. coz ares very little chi songs to satisfy my insatiable appetite. hahaha

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


dis is to show janice how cute i was. haha

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e IP ppl came back 2dae. tat's olivia, xiaoxian, jastine. so a few of us gathered at e round table in canteen n toked. haha. felt lyke mini twee gathering. TWEE~~~~~~~~~~~~ ah!!!!!!

whn i'm sad, i sing. 2dae i wanna go k-box

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


i cant rmb wat happened in sch. haha. short memory. haha
went for jap wiv vicki. haha. we met two lesbians on e train. n we were discussing abt them LOUDLY. plus we kept staring at them. one of them noticed us toking abt them n gave us e super bu shuang face. but we still carry on toking all tat. until she showed us dis hey-better-shut-up-or-else face. so we moved to e middle of e cabin to aviod unnecessary commotion. haha. btw, before tat we stood near e door
e 2 lesbians got off at somerset. e girl walked to where we stood n pointed middle finger at us. i saw only, vicki didnt see. she is soooooooo WAT lor. dare to be lesbian, but scared ppl zhi3 zhi3 dian3 dian3.
on my way home from MOELC, met dis guy on e train. hello lor, i mean 7.00 lidat, definitely e train will be packed wah. he wanted to get off at bugis. buden e train too packed liao. so he scolded f***. n i was lyke u go die lah. u soooooooo fat lor. becoz of u, 2 person didnt manage to board e train leh. still dare to scold f***. u cant alight ur prob lor. buden he oso nt scolding me lah, maybe he's juz too used to saying tat word.
dis incident led me tinking abt another person. sum act-seh person hu tinks he can be more cool by using vulgarity. 100% nt true!!!!!!!!!!!! so U, whn r u gonna stop acting seh

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Monday, January 10, 2005


oh hohoho. i shall blog while waiting for my dinner. haha. mum went jogging. no one cooking, haiz.

2dae quite fun day. haha. laughed alot. haha. 2dae during chi lesson, we all did sum psychological test thingy. four options given, i chose D. den came e results. haha. said i was a RESPONSIBLE person. haha. hmm....VERY accurate. haha. jiang lao shi embarrassed me. haiz, she was lyke, huh? huanglin chose D. hmm... den e test's nt accurate le. blehx. i'm very responsible lor.

during physics lab lesson, we had to fill up dis sitting plan. so qianbing wrote her name on e paper. den i tok it back. i used pencil n write under her name: i noe e answer to everything. CALL ME!!! haha. den i laughed lyke crazy. so funny lor. but she doesnt noe abt it. haha. only me, peixin, geok joo noe. haha. FUNNY!!!

yeah. i'm e super super prankster. haha.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


2dae's e 3rd day of sch. nicholas' b'dae. all of us signed on a shirt n gave it 2 him as bdae present. haha. after tat we found out peixin's bdae was 1th jan. luckily got buy xtra shirt, so we signed on e shirt. e shirt passed passed passed. we it's back to me, saw 3 words on e shirt. haha.

stay chio
CT (wiv a heart)

n we (june, fangming, darren) immediately burst into laughter. haha. after checking thru class list, found out e CT rep. Chong Thee. haha. so we asked chong thee, if he wrote dose things. he was lyke i didnt. haha. but he blushed lor. so funni. but in e end it's really nt him hu wrote. is nicholas tat bunch sabo-ing ppl. haha. after tat we didnt allow chongthee to write on e shirst, in case he cancels off tat part. haha. man, he's gonna present e shirt to peixin tml. haha

after sch went TM wiv XR, eunice. at mac, ate n tok. haha

omg!!!!! sth serious is happening. haha. during recess xinyu suddenly came to me n asked me hu ______ was. she i saysaysay. haha. `more CS ppl came after tat. so chatted abit. n i found out ______ 's joinging CS. btw, zhou mo told darren, darren told yuru, yuru told me. ah!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna die liao. yuru said she 100% join wenxue de. haha. darren wans her to join jingju(obviously). haha. yuru went to ask her whether it's tru abt her joinging CS, she was lyke yaya, wan to join. hahaz

ah!!!!!!!!!! i shall tolerate. tOlErAtE. TOLERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, January 01, 2005


2dae's e first day of 2005. haha, thank god for 2004. haha. cn be counted as a gd yr. at least i experienced lotsa things. so yeah!!! i wanna thank every1 for e wonderful yr they hv given me. thanks!
nw my new yr resolution. i didnt plan to hv but it's gd to at least hv rite?haha
1) finish her bible once thru + study it once thru
2) neva to be late for anything ever again (esp. CCA + pm)
3) havent thot abt it. haha
dis shall be a short entry. spent my new yr eve wiv my sisters from east B. haha. we had BBQ but i left early, my dad didnt allow me to stay ovanite. so too bad for me.
2dae, we all went for service in our unit tee. haha. cool.

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