Thursday, March 31, 2005


chnged blogskins
veri seldom blg nw
muz blg more
2dae's 1/4 eve
moi claz tricked jiang ling
whn she came in, we all stood den turn'd arnd to greet her.
meaning our butts facin' her
aft tat's jap
e jap tcher ask'd us 2 redo our project
she probably noes we used online translator
muz blg more

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|9:30 PM|


Tuesday, March 22, 2005


hi every1, huanglin here. all tat crap below is NOT true. only fools will believe.

hii! vickii here- lols. huanglin doesn noe wad to blog abt so here i am to help her! xD help her blog abt wad she tell me to ryt abt.

today we saw two tchers togedr. havingg an open affair.. walaoo dey damn sweet lo! den me n maii klazmates all niaoingg dem. e guy soo cute! maii laogongg lehhs.. so shuaii summor. so i oso don feel good tokingg abt him. cuz im feelingg damnn jealous =x hence i wiuu stop. (:

juz came backk from london. bud beingg e cheapo me.. i've onlii bot postcards fer evryone(even vicki!). even tho $2500 fer e trip is chicken feed to me.. i don wanna waste any $$ on maii frens uu see? hahahas. bud bcuz vickii is sooo significant to me, im gonna get her anoder present sooon. esp since 2nd april's coming! xP

ltr got japp. we've got dis project y'noe.. sth liekk pw la. juz dat its in japanese. we intend to do magnetic bra straps! so dat maii bra hook won come out agn! it owaes comes out halfwae duringg lessons de lohhs.. den i oso damn paiiseh. d other tym because maii bra hook dropped out AGN, i cudn leave maii klaz halfwae duringg e lessons ter go fer jap. cuz i scared if i get up evryone can see thru maii VERY-TRANSPRENT uniform mahhs.. and so poor vickii had to wait fer me until maii lesson over den i can go toilet lehhs.. PPOOOR VICKII..! :(

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|2:55 PM|


Wednesday, March 09, 2005


2dae is a day of embarrassment. haha.

long n tough day. diff. to descibe here.

for all hu noe abt it, i really didnt do it on purpose. really!

tml i'm flying to europe. god bless me!

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|5:48 PM|



i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

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i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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