Saturday, April 30, 2005


ya hoo~~~
it's been ages since i laz blgged.
yest was fri. me, anting, hexun led wenxue huodong
shld be nt bad ba... i dun noe

camp grping is out! i'm in grp 3
it shld be a very enthu grp, haha
i <3 it!!!

it's a lng lng weekend ahead.
gonna buy paint fer e class

interesting things happened on fri
fer lang arts, we watched dis movie called the others
it's a very very horrifying movie according to myself ( n probably peixin)
anyway, i was sitting beside peixin in LT
before the show, so many ppl were telling me it's nt scary
but they were all wrong! (according to myself again)
peixin was grasping my arm thruout e show
it was kinda farnie
coz evry1 else din tink it's frightening
but e 2 of us were scared out of our wits
we were screaming n everything
guess WE did frighten sum ppl
n i kept asking arnd fer e time
so tat we cn finally stop watching e film
in my mind i was oso tinking if i shld skip sch nxt nxt mon
coz den we'll be watching e 2nd disc of e film

i highly recommend evry1 to watch e show
it's really one of e best gothic films tat i've watched
(in my mind, i cn only tink of two gothic films tat i've watched)

i'm sucha chicken!!! blehx

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


i wanna chnge blogskin, but too lazy to do so...
2dae was kinda bad day fer me, evn though it gt btr in e afternoon
had my physics presentation, screwed it up
Har YY alwaez lykes to ask chim qns, cant stnd her!!!
tat was pnly e begining of my bad day
nxt, i took kgei's magic cube n i messed it up. blehx.
he actually finished e white colour cubes, but i messed it up. i din mean 2 do it!!!
felt kinda guilty, coz i heard he took e whole day to finish it.
no choice, to apologise, i treated him to drink. haiz. i so nice
buden... mdm nora was maybe bz, so we had early dismissal instead of 3 boring, lifeless lang art lessons.
we discussed abt our class deco, gonna buy paint tmr. whee~~~

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


it's been ages since i laz blg
but nth much has happened. hha
it's all projects, hw, projects, hw... haha
counting dwn to hols~~~

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Friday, April 22, 2005


2dae was quite sian...
xiju ppl hd 2 go fer rehersal
so wenxue n xiju hd to combine
but i didnt go fer wenxue
went to do sum xuanchuan thingy
whn i was abt to leave sch
saw xinhui
she told me wat she wanted to tell me lng tyme ago
haiz... it was a lng story
lng story abt things tat happened lng tyme ago...
oh man!

do euu noe i hv sth 2 tell euu? but how do i start...

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|8:21 PM|


Friday, April 15, 2005


wah!!! MI wk is finally over...
i'm so so so relieved
past few days were lyke hell
one nite, i even slept at 3am n woke up at 6am
i cant believe myself
i broke my own record
our grp really went thru think n thin
even gt into trouble wiv mr kiw
he said it's sucha serious offence tat could get ppl expelled
now's e crucial time
hope everything will turn out find

on MSN jus now
tsk tsk tsk
tat's all i cn sae...

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Monday, April 11, 2005


haha/ wnt sch 2dae fer MI meeting...
met darren at e busstop
n yuru n junming on e bus
meeting felt kinda weird, but we shld be on e rite track

aft meeting, wnt bugis wiv yuan n fengyi n anting. took neoprints
i saw lotsa nice things tat i want, muz save more! n work harder!

i was nt exactly high 2dae but at least btr mood le...
juz curious over sths
lyke whether u are stiu angry over tat thing, i mean, it's over! so u shld at least cool dwn, if nt hw we gonna carry on wiv our work

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Saturday, April 09, 2005


2dae's a much much btr dae than yest. but morning was stiu bad...
anyway i went fer service...
nobad nobad
vicki went too
evening wanted 2 go hm wiv joycelyn but i couldnt wait fer her til so late. so went wiv vicki
n vicki made moi embarrass myself
she threw her hersey's kisses wrapper into my shirt. n i could gt in out
i was trying to push it out in e mrt, it was an awkward scene...

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Friday, April 08, 2005


bad day
lousy day

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


song for e day:

wah, 2dae was kinda fun.
evn though i was kinda pissed off by sth, but nt bothered by it nw
anyway jus 2 summarise, eugene gt a best fren for me
he told other ppl tat i'm ____ best fren in claz
wat a generalisation
haiz, so i didnt wanna tok 2 him, but he sits beside me mah, so muz tok de
he cupped his ears whn i wanna tok 2 him
so i wanted 2 make him tok 2 me, so i cn do e same thing back 2 him
haha, but we still tok in e end la

oh ya, i made a great achievement 2dae
so proud of myself
i made yunyin n kianggei tok 4 e 1st time(probably)
yunyin is june's bio lab partner
june sits on e other side of mi in claz
yunyin passed june e yoghurt tat we cultivated
june took a look, den i we to pass back 2 yunyin
i gave e cup of yoghurt to kianggei hu sits beside eugene hu sits bside me, n asked him to pass 2 yunyin directly n PERSONALLY. n he did
wat a HUGE achievement
it's nt lyke yunyin n kianggei are on loggerheads, but dey juz dun tok
n oso i tink e 2 of dem very pei4, so creating opportunity for dem

during lang arts was ridiculous
we were supposed to do grp work
my grp consists of: me, june, famgming, shiling, darren n junming
n we crap lyke crazy
we were saying how nice eugene is
abt hw he's so kind n everything
den junming said he wanna share rm wiv eugene 4 germany trip
coz he said eugene will be so kind tat he'll warm e toilet seat for u by sitting on it 1st.
so i added, ya, he'll soften e new toothbrush 4 u by using it on himself first
e crappy stuff carries on
back to class, junming wanted 2 sit on eugene's chair to hepl him 'warm up' e chair

aft lesson, me, anting, juming, darrren 'escorted' eugene to his bus-stop
riduculous rite? but quite fun... haha

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|6:03 PM|



i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

[[*Piggy's Love*]]

i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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