Tuesday, May 31, 2005


went to school today to help type cca pts
wah, e whole process is super complicating
but we finished!

tml's chip's bdae
she gonna treat us to kbox!

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Friday, May 27, 2005


oh my god!
tomorrow is the day!
and i don't know what's gonna happen
coz everything is unpredictable

i've been pretty slack recently
oh no!
i'm handing in more late work, ah!!!
and i haven't been practising violin for two weeks, ah!!!
at this rate, i'm very sure i'm gonna fail my exams

i wanna cry out loud
so that tml if i need to cry
i wun be crying uncontrollably
i wanna CRY~~~

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Monday, May 23, 2005


yeah! i love qingchun! yeah!

anyway CS concert was such a success!
thanks to everybody!
i think the whole preparation process has been an experience for me
including how we rehearse so hard for our jingju item
how me, claire, kengji always tried to memorise the actors' lines
how the xuanchuan people came together to accomplish so many things
how the whole CS came together for the many full-dress and full full-dressed rehearsals
thank you to everyone!

on the day of actual performance
i was supposed to perform for the 1930 show
so for the 1500 show
i sat at the reception
doing some xuanchuan jobs

finally, the 1500 show was over
and everyone was busy preparing for the 1700 show
me, claire and kengji went on stage and started acting
it was so funny
course we imitated the actors
i laughed a lot and a lot

i think jingju people are all very fun people
i heard that the real actors were actually
dancing to a certain song
in their jingju costumes
i can't imagine!

then the final performance came
jingju was the first item
the whole process was smooth
not too many OBVIOUS mistakes
and we even played a difficult part well
we were so amazed at ourselves
course we had been practising that part for a million times
and we finally got it right for actual performance

xiemu part was quite touching
everyone sang huige
if only someone cried
then maybe i will cry
and the atmosphere will even be more touching

after the performance
i didnt go home with my mum
stayed for a while to pack up

after that me, anting, darren, wenloong
went KFC for a 'feast'

oh i got conned by darren
he asked me to dance in front of everyone
for 2min
and he will treat me to a meal
so i said ok
and he started singing
and i started dancing
after 2 sec
he started laughing
course he didnt actually wanna treat me
only wanna make me throw face

then we sat down and started eating
me, anting, darren were forcing wenloong to tell us things
but he kept keeping his mouth shut
so we started 'cursing' him
such as
if he takes cable car to sentosa
he'll be trapped on top
with all girls in the car
and he has to suppress
his urine
and his only source of food will be
human milk

around eleven+++
we headed home

xuehui wan sui
xuehui wan sui
xuehui wan wan sui

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


oh my goodness
i have a lot of things to rant

i cant stand you!!!
i don't think you will ever come to my blog to read
but i just want to rant!
my first impression of you is that you are a nice, innocent, sweet girl
but i simply can't believe that you actually so despo
according to the various sources
you claimed that you have no feelings for ________
but you are doing everything to prove that
what you claimed was just so untrue

maybe it's none of my business
but i cant stand the fact that
you actually listed out the names of your targeted ppl
how can you be so despo!

anyway, there is a lot that i have to say about this thing
but not convenient here
- content censored-
to know more, please approach me!

i want to dedicate the content below
to another one out there

what are you trying to do
you suck up to every single one
you are disgusting
i cant believe you actually become the highly-exalted kor
for so many sec ones

congrates to you!

as usual, to know more,
contact me!

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|8:21 PM|


Sunday, May 15, 2005


hiya. my com spoilt fer two days. today it was fixed. haha
oops, i'm blogging in msn lang again!

anyway, on sat, i went to school for a whole lot of activities.
first, it was jingju rehearsal
i'm starting to love rehearsals because they can really be hilarious.
claire, kenji and myself will be playing for the night show.

after that, i stayed in school to practise basketball with my class people.
because you see, interclass is on mon!

then i went for service.

after that i rushed back for EDS concert
the concert was not bad
except for one drama which i totally didn't get anything out of it
oh ya, the curtains were spoilt
maybe you know, hahaha.
we ought to feel guilty

as the EDS concert moved on, i started to think about next friday.
i'm so excited!!!

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Monday, May 09, 2005


hi people!
i have just added this new thing
it's the hugs counter
so people, give me more hugs!
i'll gladly receive!
you can give me as many as you want in fact!

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Sunday, May 08, 2005


i changed my template. hmm, i think this one is not bad. haha

i have decided to not type in short form anymore. why? simple, because i am getting confused. sometimes when i want to type a serious piece of work, i inevitably add in all my short forms.

anyway, camp was very fun. i enjoyed every single part of it.
my favourite part would be campfire and milo pool. haha
i think i group rocked! yeah!
we are called C first. meaning we can see 1st ( champion) in front of us. haha
cute right?

more about camp tomorrow ( maybe).
i am so tired. just finished my Lang art backstory and script.

i rock!

Piggy Bidding Goodbye On|10:14 PM|



i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

[[*Piggy's Love*]]

i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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