Wednesday, November 09, 2005


wah, my blog's really so so so stagnant...

i tink i shld start blogging all over again...


anyway, lots of things happened
yet cuming to tink of it, oso not tat much events took plc

last fri, went to watch golden melody award live!!!
maybe i sound excitied here, but frankly
e show was not very exciting at all

it's like every artiste who bothers to be present gets an award
and not one only

coz only so few were present,
on e average
every artiste gets 2-3 awards

JJ and yanzi got 4 each

but i dun tink it's sth to really feel proud of
coz singapore's golden melody award is nth compared to tat of taiwan

for taiwan, it's working hard to get e award
in spore, it's e ppl stuffing those trophies into the artistes' hands

for example,
i dun understand how cum ppl lyke sylveste*
can actually get an award

plus, i dun understand why ppl lyke jack ne*
should be even present giving out awards

we screamed and commented alot of e show btw
and e woman hu sits in front of us kept turning back to stare at us

i tink she's e one hu ought to be getting all e stares
coz throughout e show
she din cheer or geer
wat did she do?
she hugged and kissed her boyfriend

and i tink her boyfriend is so passive
she's e one actively reaching out to him for some intimate 'moments'

i dun understand why she bought a 60-dollar ticket to hug and kiss her boyfriend throughout e show

end of golden moelody award

today me, june, peixin went to e new national library aft sch
not to read books but to walk walk

very fun...
we found a mini stage and started imagining we were having our own concert...

we also entered e black box used for drama presentations
a moment of thrill for us
coz it was really super dark

-end of my day-

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i [_hEaRtXX_] puremilk ---> trying out e bimbotic way of typing
dunman high

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i love to sing!!!


i hate chocolates!


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